Viktor Vukusic

Metinvest International SA, Gulf Branch- General Manager

Mr. Vukusic has been with the Group for almost 20 years, and since 2009 heholds the position of the General Manager of Metinvest International SA, Gulf Branch, with the responsibility for all sales of steel products from the biggest metallurgical holding in Ukraine into the GCC Market.

Viktor has graduated at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Most of his vast experience in the world wide steel sector was gained by holding different commercial and managerial positions for the leading Ukrainian steel products supplier. Within the same Group, he has previously held positions of Deputy General Manager in Latin American office, Commercial Director in Swiss office and Export Director in the Ukrainian office.

Metinvest International SA, Gulf Branch in GCC was established, organized and managed till date by Mr. Vukusic. They Company has achieved delivering regular quantities to all major GCC ports and have obtained a quality acceptance among various sectors in the GCC market.